Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips

Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips help relieve nasal congestion and allergies, which are nasal in origin, help reduce or eliminate snoring, and can help provide better sleep and performance.

Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips are available in two sizes: Large for most adult noses, and small for smaller adult and child noses. Choosing the correct size will ensure the best fit and function. They are available in tan and clear.

Unique Dual Lift Technology

Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips work differently, using two independent side flexors, which may be adjusted to fit correctly on either side of the nose. These flexors concentrate on the deeper, narrower regions of the nasal passageways where heavier congestion occurs and where you need relief the most to improve breathing. The flexors act as a shunt to prevent the nasal walls from collapsing while providing sufficient airflow.

The adjustability of the Breathe Clear® Nasal Strip fits uneven, broad, and wider nose bridges, so more people can enjoy the comfort and relief our product provides.

For Active Living

Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips help you breathe better through your nose during fitness activities. This increases oxygen to your muscles allowing you to perform better.


For Your Children

Because children are often more prone to colds, Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips will help reduce stuffiness and improve nasal breathing so your child can sleep better.


For Expectant Moms

Women suffer from increased nasal congestion and stuffiness during pregnancy. Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips help relieve pressure and provide better performance.


For Better Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night, it may be your breathing. Breath Clear® Nasal Strips can help improve your breathing and even eliminate snoring.


Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips we offer a Replacement Guarantee. We stand behind our products!